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                English > NEWS&EVENTS > Content

                Ashare Donates scholarship to HZAU

                The scholarship signing ceremony between Guangzhou Ashare Aquatech Co.,Ltd. (Ashare) and HZAU was held at our university on Oct. 16. Relevant personnel attended this ceremony, such as Yang Shaobo, HZAU’s Vice President, Wang Pingxiang, minister of development planning department and Yang Huijun, chairman of Ashare.

                Shi Xinyu, the general manager of Ashare, signed the donation agreement on behalf of the group with college of fisheries and college of informatics at ceremony and Wang Pingxiang issued a donation certificate to it. Besides the annual scholarship, Ashare donated another one million yuan ($149,604) to the two above colleges for talents development and their development.

                Yang Huijun briefed the group from the following aspects: strategic planning in fisheries, business philosophy of “harmony between nature and mankind”, corporate culture of “Sharing, Sincerity and Specialization”. He expressed their determination of fulfilling social responsibility, strengthening cooperation with HZAU and offering people healthy, green and high-quality aquatic products.

                Yang Shaobo showed appreciation for Ashare’s long-term support and hoped that further cooperation could be promoted to achieve mutual benefit. Moreover, HZAU will provide multidisciplinary technical support and more talents for Ashare’s sustainable development.

                Source: http://news.hzau.edu.cn/2020/1019/58471.shtml

                Translated by: Li Ying

                Supervised by: Zhang Juan