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                English > NEWS&EVENTS > Content

                The “Pig King” Sold at 42,000 yuan on Wuhan Breeding Pigs Auction

                On the morning of 18th October, the National Breeding Pigs Competition of Hubei Province, an event of the “2020 Chinese Farmers’ Harvest Festival”, which is also called “The 20th Wuhan Breeding Pigs Competition and Auction Sales and Academic Exchanges”, was held in Center of Quality Test and Supervision for Breeding Swine, at Huazhong Agricultural University(HZAU). A landrace, (one of the world’s best breeding pigs for cured meat) from Wuhan Golden Dragon Group, was successfully sold at 42,000 yuan ($6,326.81) to Hubei Jinnonggu Agriculture Company, topping the rest of the auction like the “Pig King”.

                Photo of the“Pig King” (shot by Liu Bowen)

                Photo of the Auction (shot by Liu Bowen)

                16 pigs’ photos were shown on the screen at the auction, and the potential buyers made a succession of bids, turning the auction into a rather intense battle. There were 16 pigs of 378,000 yuan-worth ($56,931.14) for open bidding, and 56 pigs for closed bidding, with their value of 839600 yuan ($126,453.40). That's a result that industry insiders say will rebound confidence.

                For this event, 186 breeding pigs, selected from 11 breeding swine companies in Jiangxi and Hubei Province, were reportedly tested at the Center of Quality Test and Supervision for Breeding Swine Wuhan, MOA. After 4-month scientific monitoring, under the identical environment and circumstances, the experts ranked the pigs after the comprehensive index calculation and appearance evaluation, and selected 16 special-grade boars for open bidding and 102 high-grade breeding pigs for closed bidding.

                Hubei Province is a major player in the pig sector, a hog supplier in the first tier and the No.1 of inter-provincial hog transport. Huang Guoxiong, the Deputy Director of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Hubei, said that, enterprises have overcome great difficulties to achieve a steady growth on the whole, with a total pig production reaching 20.79 million, basically the annual goal from the China's government. Rapid development in swine industry as well as its productivity can provide an access to a broader market for breeding pigs and related products.

                Up to now, Wuhan Breeding Pigs Competition and Auction Sales has been held every year in HZAU. After 20 years of selection, daily weight gain of pigs has raised by 19.23% after measurement and determination, and marginal profit per pig has increased by 120 yuan, generating socio-economic benefits of more than 9 billion yuan(about $1.354 billion) along with more than 20 breeding pig brands emerging.

                Source: http://news.hzau.edu.cn/2020/1019/58462.shtml

                Translated by: Cheng Yixuan

                Supervised by: Zhang Juan