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                HZAU Wins Nine Projects of NSSFC 2020

                On September 27, National Social Science Funds of China (NSSFC) released the 2020 annual directory of projects to be funded, among which 9 projects are from Huazhong Agricultural University (HZAU), with an approval rate of 14.06%.

                9 funds consist of 2 Youth Projects, 6 General Projects and 1 Key Project. These funded projects cover 6 disciplines, including Sociology, Applied Economics, Philosophy, Management Science, Marxism-Leninism & Scientific Socialism, and the History of the Communist Party of China & Party Building. In terms of different colleges, 5 are from College of Humanities & Social Sciences, 2 from College of Economics & Management and 2 from College of Marxism.

                In the past three years, HZAU won 7 general and youth projects of NSSFC in 2018, 6 in 2019 and 9 in 2020.

                Table of Funded Projects in 2020

                Translated by: Sun Fei
                Supervised by: Pan Buhan