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                English > NEWS&EVENTS > Content

                Freshmen Commemorate the Battle Against the Epidemic With Creative Formation Performance

                On Sep. 27, a procession of 1200 freshmen in HZAU with colored paperboard formed various formations to commemorate China’s battle against COVID-19, expressing their love to the motherland for the upcoming National Day of the People's Republic of China.

                Aerial photos of the spectacular mass human formations [Photo/ Yan Huahua]

                “The theme of the performance is ‘Power of Life’, representing China’s revival against COVID-19,” Dong Hao, one of the designers of the performance, an instructor from the Air Force Early Warning Academy of People's Liberation Army (PLA) said. “We should remember this fight forever and pay tribute to the people with great anti-epidemic spirit, which will inspire our students to study harder in university and become a new generation capable of shouldering the task of China’s national rejuvenation.”

                Li Yixiang, a student from College of Engineering who has helped number the patterns of mass human formations, was excited and proud to have participated in this activity: “This experience is memorable. Ordinary as I am among 1200 performers, I feel myself also indispensable. We commemorate the fight against COVID-19 in such a creative way to show our love to China.”


                Translated by: Liu Nianyi

                Supervised by: Jin Bei