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                Campus Map

                Campus Map

                Location in Wuhan

                Welcome to study in Huazhong Agricultural University!The following information might be helpful.

                Coming to Wuhan

                You may come to Wuhan via Beijing / Shanghai / Guangzhou / Hong Kong / Kunming (from South Asia) / Urumchi (from South / Central Asia).

                There are three railway stations in Wuhan. If you come to Wuhan by train, please buy the ticket to Wuchang Railway Station.

                Coming to Campus

                In case you are coming to the campus by yourself, you may refer to the following information.
                From Airport
                Taxi – Taxi from airport to the campus costs about 140 RMB
                Bus & Taxi – airport bus to the downtown (get off at Fujiapo, costs about 30 RMB) and then taxi to the campus (costs about 30 RMB)
                From Railway Station
                Taxi – Taxi from Wuchang Raiway Station to the campus costs about 25 RMB
                Purchasing Airport Bus Ticket
                The place selling ticket for the airport bus is in the hall on the right of the Exit. The ticket costs 30RMB. The following box can be shown to the worker there.
                Hello. I need a bus ticket to Fujiapo, Wuchang, please.
                This is my first time to Wuhan. Would you please help me take the bus? Thanks.
                Taking taxi
                Wherever you are in Wuhan, you may come to the campus by taxi. The following box can be shown to the taxi driver.
                您好,請送我到華中農業◥大學薈園12 棟。謝謝! 
                Hello. Please take me to the Huiyuan building 12 , Huazhong Agricultural University.