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                College Major Discipline
                College of Animal Sciences & Technology Animal Science Agronomy
                Propagation Quarantine Natural Science
                College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine Agronomy
                College of Engineering & Technology Mechanical Design & Manufacturing and Their Automation Engineering
                Mechatronics Engineering Engineering
                Energy and Power Engineering Engineering
                Automation Engineering
                Agricultural Mechanization and Automation Engineering
                Agricultural Electrization Engineering
                College of Public Administration Information Management and Information Systems Management Science
                Construction Management Management Science
                Land Resources Management Management Science
                College of Economics & Management Economics Economics
                International Economics and Trade Economics
                Business Administration Management Science
                Marketing Management Science
                Accounting Management Science
                Human Resource Management Management Science
                Economics and Management of Agriculture and Forestry Management Science
                Rural and Regional Development Management Science
                College of Sciences Information and Computing Science Natural Science
                Applied Chemistry Natural Science
                Computer Science and Technology Engineering
                College of Life Sciences & Technology Biological Science Natural Science
                Biotechnology Natural Science
                Bioinformatics Natural Science
                Bioengineering Engineering
                College of Food Sciences & Technology Food Science and Engineering Engineering
                Food Quality and Safety Engineering
                College of Fisheries Aquaculture Agronomy
                Aquarium Science & Technology Agronomy
                School of Foreign Language and Literature English Language and Literature Literature
                Business English Literature
                School of Humanities & Social Sciences Law Law
                Sociology Law
                Social Work Law
                Advertising Literature
                Visual Communication Design Art
                Product Design Art
                College of Horticulture & Forestry Sciences Urban and Rural Planning Engineering
                Landscape Architecture Engineering
                Horticulture Agronomy
                Controlled Environment Agricultural Science & Engineering Agronomy
                Tea Science Agronomy
                Forestry Agronomy
                Landscape Gardening Agronomy
                College of Plant Sciences & Technology Agronomy Agronomy
                Plant Protection Agronomy
                Plant Science and Technology Agronomy
                College of Resources & Environment Geographical Information Science Natural Science
                Ecology Natural Science
                Environmental Engineering Engineering
                Environmental Science Natural Science
                Ecological Engineering of Environment Engineering
                Agricultural Resources and Environment Agronomy